Once again, Verizon has published the most expansive tome on security and data breaches.  This is REQUIRED READING for everyone associated with credit card processing or storage of identity information.

A Tidbit from the report: 


The figure below offers a new twist on one of our favorite charts from the 2014 DBIR. It contrasts how often attackers are able to compromise a victim in days or less (orange line) with how often defenders detect compromises within that same time frame (teal line). Unfortunately, the proportion of breaches discovered within days still falls well below that of time to compromise. Even worse, the two lines are diverging over the last decade, indicating a growing "detection deficit" between attackers and defenders. We think it highlights one of the primary challenges to the security industry. Unfortunately, the proportion of breaches discovered within days still falls well below that of time to compromise.

If you're desperate for good news, you'll be happy to see that 2014 boasts the smallest deficit ever recorded and the trend lines appear a bit more parallel than divergent. We'll see if that's a trick or a budding trend next year.

Verizon Data Breach Report 2015