Ira ChandlerCurbstone's founder, Ira Chandler, PCI QIR, CPSP, wrote the first commercial credit card processing software for the IBM AS/400 in 1993 at his previous company, ROI Corporation. 

When he sold that company to Verifone in 2002Curbstone Corporation incorporated to maintain focus on the IBM Midrange market. Our SaaS technologies are focused on businesses driven by IBM Power Systems running IBM i operating system.  Retail with chip card EMV, all e-commerce and Mobile platforms, and telephone and mail Order Entry apps driven by RPG language are all supported with deep, seamless, real-time integration. 

Today, a staff of PCI QIR security certified integration specialists, programmers, and network experts work to integrate expeditiously and securely, and ensure our merchants pass the highest quality transactions to qualify for the best rates.

Curbstone has grown to handle, annually, ~400M connections, for ~$3.8 Billion in transactions, for thousands of merchant accounts. Our Internet Portal offloads the handling and storage of sensitive card data and has provided 99.994% uptime.

Curbstone is a Gold Partner of TSYS, one of the largest Acquirers in the US.  The millions of transactions processed through Curbstone Technology include Phone Orders, e-commerce on any platform, and Retail, using EMV terminals.

Business Model

  • Focused on businesses based on the IBM Midrange - IBM i Operating System
  • All Curbstone technologies integrates seamlessly with the RPG programming language
  • Curbstone e-commerce and Mobile technolgies integrate to Linux, Windows, and all web servers
  • Unique technologies take merchant's entire existing IT infrastructure out of PCI scope 
  • Do not charge per/transaction fees, and, in fact, work to reduce them for the merchant!
  • Provide UNLIMITED 24x7x365 technical and operational support by Annual Agreement 
  • Delight customers with timely, effective support and secure, reliable software and services! 


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