In 1993, the founder of Curbstone at his prior company, released the first commercial credit card software for the IBM AS/400.  Since then, a second and third generation of the software was developed with increasing security and functionality.  Curbstone Card is currently licensed, off-the-shelf payment server software that is run on the merchant's own AS/400 Power System i.  Sensitive card data is stored in an encrypted database ON THE MERCHANT's SYSTEM.

Next year, Curbstone will release Generation 4 of Curbstone Card software, "Curbstone CorrectConnectâ„¢".  We call it "C3" for short.

C3 consists of a new, online portal run by Curbstone.  This redundant portal is built on pairs of Power System i computers housed at the Regional Network Operations Center.  Of course, the portal will have the following Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard validations:

  1. PCI "Payment Application" - DSS validation
  2. PCI "Merchant" class DSS validation
  3. PCI "Service Provider" DSS validation

The C3 portal will provide several phases of functionality:

  1. Secure storage of sensitive card data to offload it from merchant systems
  2. "Shopping Cart Pipeline" e-commerce payment engine using HTTPS 
  3. "Payment Landing Pages" to offload payment data acceptance from shopping carts
  4. "C3 Payment Pages" offloads ALL card handling from MOTO/Retail/Call Center merchants 

The goal of the design of C3 is to eventually provide elimination of sensitive card data processing from the merchant.  Curbstone envisions the day when our customers will continue their rich, card acceptance and usage, but do so without ever touching the credit card account number.

This will ELIMINATE the merchant's systems form being "in scope" of the PCI security standards, removing:

  • Risk of storing card data on merchant systems
  • Risk of merchant employees handling card data on the front end
  • Risk of unauthorized internal access to card data
  • Risk of fines from Card Associations, acquirers, and Issuing Banks
  • Time and cost of formal PCI audits by third parties
  • Completing extensive Self-Assessment-Questionnaires

Curbstone's goal is to maintain the rich functionality that merchants have come to expect.  C3 provides secure availability of stored card data for 

  • Returning customers to select from "cards on file"
  • Recurring billing against cards on file
  • Issuing credits or refunds on the original card

Other payment processing methods and vendors will try to entice you with "tokenization" like it is the Magic Bullet. All generations of Curbstone's founder's software has incorporated "tokenization" from their initial release in 1993.  That is NOT the comprehensive answer to the challenges above.

Curbstone is thrilled to announce our Patent Pending technology to support FULL functionality of your payment acceptance.  The following abilities are supported:

Stop merchant hardware and systems from handling sensitive card data

Use existing data on file with merchant to complete transactions for best processing rate

  1. Card billing address and zip code for Address Verification
  2. Customer Purchase order number, tax amount, tax flags, and destination zip for Level II compliance
  3. Merchant-specific data, like Invoice/Sales Order number, amount
  4. Full line item detail for Level III compliance for Corporate customers
  5. Merchant-defined fields for flexibility

Contact us for more information on licensing and availability.

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